Do not let pool mosaics, cobbles on mesh, glue, grout or any other cement type powders become wet, as they will become unusable.


We highly recommend sealing most products we sell. Call us for the right sealer for your situation and specific product. Sealing will not render a product completely stain proof but will allow time to clean before penetration of a stain. It will also make cleaning in general much easier. Sealing is also especially important around swimming pools to help protect against salt and chemical attack. Make sure your area is clean and dry before sealing. We do not recommend using acid. Sealing is an ongoing process and needs to be redone bi annually in most situations, depending on sealer, wear and tear, situation, and product. Call us for info.


Samples shown are a guide only, and most products, will have some of the above variations, some more than others. This is not a defect. Natural stone especially can have substantial variation because of the natural complexities of the product which adds to the beauty of natural stone. There will be no guarantees against colour and texture variation in natural stone. If ordering extra product to match up with existing, there will be some variation in the new batch. To minimize this, send us clear photos of your existing product or organise to view and choose yourself. Size variations will be within Australian standards.

Laying of our product means that you accept it for all it is, and no claims will be entered into once it has been laid.


ISO 13006-1998 and Australian Standards 4662-2003 state that up to 5% of product packed and sold as first quality, can actually be less than first quality. This is to allow for human error in packing and quality control, and also damage in shipping and local cartage.


You will usually find a small quantity of chipped or damaged product. This is unfortunately unavoidable, and it is industry standard to have up to 4% damage. Put these aside and use them for cuffing. If there are more damaged ones than 4%, contact us within 48 hrs of delivery. There will be no claims after 48hrs after delivery!


If you think you have been short delivered contact us within 48 hrs. Strictly no claims will be entered into after this time!


When laying pavers on a flexible base, it is advisable to use clean sand on top of road base, as opposed to crushed dust, as this may cause extra efflorescence.

Efflorescence and calcium build up can occur in the grout joints of tiling, paving and wall facing, and also in clay and masonry pavers. In most cases, this is the normal process of these products, and is beyond anyone control. Sealing, waterproofing, and good drainage and falls will help. Keep areas clean, and if you get efflorescence, call us for cleaning instructions.


We will try to fit in with your delivery instructions wherever we can, however we cannot completely guarantee the following - time of delivery, truck driver calling before delivery, placement of pallet as final decision on placement will be up to the truck driver depending on access. We can only guarantee delivery to nature strip.


Be careful not to chip or damage product, especially if moving in a wheel barrow. If you drop it, it will break. No warranty on product broken on site. Always use clean hands or gloves in handling. Do not let products glued to mesh get wet, as it will come loose or move on the mesh. Do not keep pavers/tiles stacked in a crisscross pile, as this can cause irregular marking or fading.


We recommend that an experienced, qualified and licensed contractor be used for installation. If you choose to install our product yourself, here are some basics to know before you start.

This product should be laid in accordance with Australian standards, and all other appropriate building codes, standards, laws, and government laws. In some situations, your project will need to be designed by an engineer. Work in a safe manner at all times, including using earmuffs, protective glasses, dust mask, gloves, and lifting within your capabilities. Use pieces from all pallets/boxes at the same time, and make sure different colours are evenly dispersed throughout the job. If needed, grade any size variation, to make laying easier. Put aside any damaged ones for use in cutting.

Flexible Paving:

Make sure you have a solid road base, at least 75mm for walking areas and at least 100mm for domestic driveways. Level base with screed first to desired falls, then compact to a strong base. Then screed a level sand bed of between 15 -35mm. If paving with a buff joint, make sure to leave around 2 -4mm gap to allow for size variation and also movement. With large format paving (300mm and up) make sure to level each paver while paying. Do not run a plate compactor over large format pavers, as the lines will move, and they may crack, or chip. Fill paving with joint fill material. Clean, then seal.

Laying On Slab:

First and foremost, follow the adhesive manufacturers recommendations. Make sure new slabs are reinforced and adequately cured. Area must be clean. Any surface contamination must be removed and if the concrete is steel trowelled or very smooth, this must be etched first. Allow for expansion, and crack joints where needed. Do not let glue skin, use quickly, do not glue in extreme temperatures or if raining. Contact us for a recommendation on the right glue and additives to use for your situation, we have a large range at trade prices. As an example, we usually recommend for outdoor tiling or paving, 1, prime floor with davco ultraprime. 2. mix davco se-7 with davalastic admixture for extra stick and flex. 3. Preseal tiles. 4. Depending on grout width, use ‘CTA or similar’ G15 grout, to your colour specification. 5. Seal 2 coats of high quality sealer.


Pavers can be laid on a road base and sand system, however there will usually be some lipping because of the variation in thickness, and no give of the sand bed. Because of this reason, a better finish can be achieved with gluing or wet bedding, which will take up any thickness variation.

Retaining Walls:

Retaining systems generally have height and load restraints. Check these before starting. Also, some jobs need to be designed by a qualified engineer in this field, including, but not limited to walls over 1 -meter-high, walls that will take heavy loads, eg near pools, driveways, footings etc., walls built on reactive soils and unstable g round


We have a large range of coloured grout in store, so we can guide you to the right colour for your stone choice. You can use grouts with mold resister and water resistance inbuilt or use our grout admix to make the grout more flexible, water resistant, and easier to clean. We recommend a preseal before grouting porous products, for ease of clean up. We do not recommend using acid for cleaning. We have special cleaners in stock.


Its best to keep product clean, but in many cases you will need to clean your job before sealing, and on an ongoing basis. We have a range of cleaners in stock for specific products and jobs. We do not recommend using acid.


Products sold as seconds will have one or all of the following defects chips, crazing, spotting, blotching and other stains and marks, cracking, broken pieces, and also variations in colour, size, texture and genera l strength and quality. There is no warranty on product that is not sold as first quality.


Warranty on goods sold by Stone Cart, are supplied by the respective manufacturer or wholesaler, and as such, all issues with product will be referred on to these suppliers, and their decision on liability and warranty is final. Stone Cart, as an agent on these respective suppliers, will not be liable for any claims concerning quality or quantity of product.


Stone that has a natural split surface can have a tendency to naturally split again somewhere else. There will always be some delaminating or splitting of the surface. This is not a fault and will not affect the performance of the stone. This is natural and cannot be avoided, this is why the stone has a beautiful natural surface, due to the natural split lines. While laying, the tiler should discard any tiles that are splitting through the middle, and scrape off any surface delaminating, or pressure clean at the end of the job to remove any flakiness.


PLEASE CHOOSE CAREFULLY. We do not normally give refunds if you simply change your mind or make a wrong selection.

Where goods are faulty, wrongly described or don't do what they are supposed to do, we will decide at our discretion whether to exchange, refund or credit you.